Welding Bozeman - Fabrication - Repair


In 1986, Charlie Emswiler of Cheyenne Wyoming founded Welding and Machine to provide welding & fabrication services in Bozeman to expand his  operation into Montana. Mike Pearson, while serving his country in the USAF (1983-1987),worked part time for Charlie at Welding and Machine of Wyoming. In 1986 Mike made a few trips to Bozeman to help Charlie get equipment moved in and set up. Charlie knew Mike was able to leave the Air Force in 1987 and asked Mike if he would move to Bozeman and run the welding shop. Mike took the job. After about 4 years with Welding & Machine, Mike earned the opportunity to buy Welding and Machine of Bozeman from Charlie. After a very humble beginning, good times and hard work, business is thriving. Starting out with just a two-man shop we now employ six. Around 1997 we doubled the size of the shop from 2000 square feet to 4000 square feet. With the growth of Bozeman and 4-Corners we decided to change our business name to better represent where we are and what we do.


Mike Pearson, President

Prior to buying Welding & Machine, Mike married Roxanne, who has been a big part of growth and decision making. Mike served his country in the Air Force from 1983 to 1987. After purchasing Welding & Machine from Charlie, life got busy. In addition to building and running a young company, Mike and Roxanne had two children, a son, Rocky, and a daughter, Mikayla. Mike is a current member and past board member of the South West Montana Builders Association, along with a Past board member of 4 Corners Water Sewer District. Mike was drawn to Montana by the mountains, allowing him to hunt in the Fall with Rocky, or 4-wheel and camp in the Summer with his family and friends. On a nice sunny day, you might be able to talk him into taking you for a plane ride so you can see this beautiful state from the air.

Jeremiah Hillier, General Manager

Jeremiah has been around welding since 1992. He found his love for the craft in a High School welding program. During his senior year, he got his first job in a manufacturing shop that made cross-country ski grooming equipment. Following that, he found work in a rock quarry. While at the quarry, Jeremiah learned how to work with the limited supplies on hand, and found a love for outdoor welding. In February of 2000 Jeremiah joined the Welding and Machine family as a welder to provide Welding & Fabrication services in Bozeman. In 2004, Jeremiah earned the General Manager position at Welding and Machine. Along with welding, Jeremiah is a devoted Husband, father of two great girls, and has served his community on the Gallatin Gateway Rural Fire District since May of 2002. In 2014, Jeremiah was promoted to Fire Chief of the department. Jeremiah has also been active with the South West Montana Builders Association.